Viper Mount - Car Phone Mount

The Viper Mount is a strong and secure mount that easily attaches to your car air-condition vent.  Its unique shape gives a wide range of flexibility and motion, while also allowing more airflow from your vents.

  • 360° adjustable rotation

  • Firm Grip that holds firmly to your vent

  • Fast & Easy to use

  • Universal phone compatibility

  • Long Lasting and ultra-durable material

  • Award Winning design

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Works with all Phones

Fast & Easy to Use

Top Grade Materials

Full Range Motion

The normal boring phone mount for your car does not have enough utility...right?

Most phone mounts that attach to your air condition vent do not have a full range of motion, we've fixed that with the Viper Mount.  The Viper Mount will will give you full motion for your phone while keeping your air condition vent safe and stable.

  • Firm clip that stays in place

  • No adhesive or glue

  • Safe and secure for your vents

Full-Range Motion

Viper Mount has a ball-in-socket style mount that allows you to turn it and spin it in practically any direction.  It's a real life saver as you'll probably be twisting and turning it more than you think.

  • Turns in 360° motion

  • Change to Landscape or Portrait with ease

  • Great for positioning and angling your phone to most comfortable setting

Easy and safest to mount

Viper Mount has a strong and ultra-durable ABS plastic that is hard to break.  It makes it so this clip can be used over and over again without worry.

The nut ensures that you can grip the air vent as tightly or as loosely as you desire in order to prevent damage and to also sturdy the grip.  It is perfect to fit all sizes of Air Condition vents safely and securely.

Free Flowing Vents

Viper Mount's arm is purposely designed to allow free flowing air vents.  It was designed to position your phone so it doesn't obstruct your vent.  This allows for a less restricted air condition vent.

Fits Any Phone

The package contains two magnetic pads that you can stick on to any phone or phone case.  It should be able to support the weight of almost any phone!

  • Easy to install magnetic plate that's fully safe for your phone and phone case

  • Fits all phone sizes

  • Holds phone safely

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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We make it a huge priority make sure you're satisfied while also having the utmost confidence in our products.  We will make sure you are 100% satisfied with your order and provide a full refund or free replacement within 30 days of delivery.

Works with Any Phone

includes two magnetic stick pads

Built to last

Strong material makes this stand last a long time.

Compact & Clever

Rotates easily, boasting its compact and clever design

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Solid and strong.

Finally... a magnetic phone holder that actually holds the phone well. I’ve had others that slip off the vents or wobble around when I’m driving. This one is rock solid and the vent clip really keeps it in place. The magnets are really strong too and I don’t need to worry about the phone falling even though I have a thick phone case.

Brandon Taylor
Perfect for smartphones

Great product, works perfect with my note 20 ultra
Doesn't cover the a/c

George Gregory
Very useful product!

I really like this item better than most of other these products because it is so useful for any angle of mount. In addition that, magnet is very strong so l have zero problem that dealing falling down during drive. Price is good enough for this one.

Shaz Hammond
Buy it, you won't regret it

This is a great little surprise. Very small, compact but with a solid feel. The locking mechanism is top notch quality and ease of use. As you can see from the pictures 2 & 3, you can arrange the mount in a 180 angle. I have it upside down so that my phone aligns with the touchscreen.

The magnet is strong, I have a metal plate on the outside of the case so it really sticks. I tested it with another case and the plate inside and it still stayed in place. Drove around a construction areas with lots of bumps and the phone didn’t fall off or even move. Very stable.
No glue, or no sticky stuff and it’s not big or clunky looking and with the phone close to the screen adds to the look of your car.

Harold Wexler
Strong magnet

It is a sturdy device to hold my phone in the car. I have used a magnetic phone holder before and this magnet is much stronger. The phone will not fall off the mount and the screen is not blocked since the mount is hidden.

Hellen Bee
Best magnet phone holder ever!

This is awesome for me. Every time I used a magnet phone hanger, but very easily falling down with hangers. But this awesome product is very secure and easy to install. I love love love this phone holder and I strongly recommend for you. Totally different functions compared with others. Thank you.

Brandy Weiss

I have gone through many phone mounts and this one so far has been the most sturdy. I have found with a lot of air vent mounts is that they don’t work well with vents that are wedge shaped especially if they just use a clamp down style to secure it. Where as this phone mount it use a different technique to secure the mount that secured to the vent not by clamping Down but by tightening from the back of the vent. So it doesn’t matter if the vent is wedged you can get a flat secure fit with this mount.

The only downside is that it’s only magnetic so if you don’t have the magnet in the middle of the back of the phone your phone can tend to droop when plugged in charging on the mount. But the mount itself is very sturdy and I would recommend using it with the bigger rectangular magnet for a stronger fit.