Slate - Magnetic Car Charger for iPhone 12

Slate is a super fast car charging mount that works perfectly for your new iPhone 12 MagSafe compatible phone.  It magnetically attaches to your phone and gives an instant boost charge at 15 watts.  It can attach to your air condition vent or can be mounted via suction cup on your dashboard.

  • Full support for new iPhone 12 MagSafe back

  • Compact & Minimalistic design

  • Super charging speeds of 15w

  • Long Lasting and durable material

  • Award Winning design

Works with Apple's MagSafe Charger

Fast & Easy to Use

Top Grade Materials

Super Fast Charging Speeds

Need a new car mount that charges for your iPhone 12?

No problem! Slate is the perfect solution for your phone that allows you to mount your new iPhone 12 practically anywhere in your car while also charging it at super fast speeds.  It works perfectly with your iPhone 12 MagSafe back, providing a lightning fast 15w charge.  It can be mounted on your air condition vents or on your dashboard via suction cup.

  • Lighting fast 15w charging speed

  • Magnetic mount, perfect for mounting quickly and seamlessly

  • Can be mounted on air condition vent or dashboard

  • Works without any extra parts for your iPhone 12 MagSafe back

The Perfect Car Charger & Mount

Slate easily holds, mounts and charges your phone all at the same time.  It's perfect to fully use all features of your iPhone 12's MagSafe magnetic back.

  • Mount anywhere in your car via air condition vent or dashboard

  • Charge super fast with 15w super charge

  • Minimal design made to take up as little room as possible

  • USB-C Port

Full 360 Degree Rotation

Slate lets you easily adjust any position you need as it has a full 360 degree rotation using a ball and socket joint.  It's perfect for all your needs as it can easily be positioned to however you need it to be positioned.

Two bases to choose from

Slate comes with two different options for mounting so it should be good for any car or any situation.  It has both an air condition vent mount and a suction cup mount

  • Air condition vent mount

  • Suction cup mount

  • Both mounts have 360 degree rotation and are sturdy

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Slate Car Mount & Charger

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  • Slate Car Mount & Charger

  • Air Condition Vent Base

  • Suction Cup Base

  • USB-C to USB cable

Slate Car Mount & Charger

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  • Slate Car Mount & Charger (x3)

  • Air Condition Vent Base (x3)

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  • USB-C to USB cable (x3)

Slate Car Mount & Charger

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Double Package


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  • Slate Car Mount & Charger (x2)

  • Air Condition Vent Base (x2)

  • Suction Cup Base (x2)

  • USB-C to USB cable (x2)

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you have any issues with your order of Slate, please do not hesitate to contact our support.  We're here for you 24/7.

We make it a huge priority make sure you're satisfied while also having the utmost confidence in our products.  We will make sure you are 100% satisfied with your order and provide a full refund or free replacement within 30 days of delivery.

Works with Apple's MagSafe Back

Works with new iPhone 12's MagSafe back

Built to last

Strong material makes this stand last a long time.

Compact & Clever

Works great on your air condition vent or dashboard.

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Customer Reviews

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Sonya Bergnaum

Works good!

Alena Steuber

Works really well

Durward Pouros

Arrived in 1 week. Everything as described, works just fine with iPhone 12 Pro Max

Ebony Volkman


Hilda Hartmann

Arrived in a matter of days

Donato Rice


Sheldon Hilpert

This charger is fast and actually really great quality! The suction mount is an added bonus.

Alessandro Dooley

IPhone or as being pro charge very well. Very good!

Loma Jakubowski

Product works well

Max Predovic

Works well