Neck Massager - The Smart Neck Massager

Relieve all of your tension and soreness in your back and neck with this amazing smart massager.  It uses low-frequency TENS pulse principle to stimulate three amazing massage techniques

  • Ergonomic "L" shape design

  • Activated Advanced Heating System

  • Portable and lightweight

  • Low-frequency TENS pulse 
  • Easy to use, easy to get started

  • Relieves pressure in neck & shoulders

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Ergonomic Design

Heating System

Portable & Lightweight

Pain Relief

You've got a lot of pain and soreness..

Relax with our amazing Smart Neck Massager that will instantly reduce your neck/shoulder stress.

  • Instant neck and shoulder relief at the push of a button

  • No more back pains or neck pains

  • Relax anytime anywhere

We've got all your problems solved.

Neck Massager easily reduces tension and stress in your neck using pulse vibrating technology.  It has a handy remote to easily let you adjust between three modes.  Instead relief and relaxation at your fingertips

  • One size fits all.  Contour shape allows for any neck size

  • Portable, lightweight and effective! Take it with you anywhere

  • Rechargeable battery Up to 8 hours of relaxation (1600 mAh)

Relieves pressure after a long day

Neck Massager is a massage device that provides you relief like you've never seen before.  You'll instantly feel relief in your neck and shoulders as this device was designed to reduce tension in your muscles using our special TENS pulse technology.

This device is more than just talk.   It can stimulate real human massage that promotes healthy blood circulation, relieves neck/shoulder pain, and activate tissue cells.  You will truly be on your way to a healthier style of living plus ultimate relaxation.

Three Diverse & Powerful Modes

Neck Massager has three amazing modes that use the power of our TENS pulse technology.  Each mode was designed to help you relieve stress in a different way by focusing on certain massage methods to reduce tension in all different spots in your neck and shoulder.

  • Auto Mode (M1)

  • Kneading Pattern (M2)

  • Vibration Mode (M3)

Activated Advanced Heating System

Nobody likes the feeling of coldness on the back of your neck.  Neck Massager delivers soothing heat which will accurately control to 120°F in 3 seconds.  It's basically instant heat!

  • Warms up to 120°F in 3 seconds

  • Wireless remote to adjust pressure, heat and mode

  • Warm plates reduce muscle fatigue and stress

Fast Charging + Longterm Battery Life

Neck Massager can easily be plugged in anywhere as it uses a standard Micro USB connector that prevents overcharge.  One full battery charge can easily equal up to 8 hours of full relaxation.

It's perfect for travel and portability! 

Universal Fit + Easy to Use

The neck brace is designed to easily fit anyone's neck so you don't have to worry about fitment.  It will easily adjust to a comfortable position that will let you use it in all types of places, including the gym, at work, at home etc.

Soft & Comfortable

Neck Massager fits around your neck super comfortably and it has "balloon"-like padding that will keep you wearing this for hours.  It's definitely one of those items that you won't even notice that it's on after a while.

It was extremely important for us to design something that could be worn for extended hours as people would be using this on-the-go.  The special material will keep sweat from damaging it while also remaining extremely comfortable.

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Pulse Technology

TENS pulse technology gives you the perfect massage

Constant Temperature

Easily maintains and controls even heat when the setting isactivated

3 Massage Modes

Three fully equipped massage modes that have 15 gear adjustments

Balloon-Soft Padding

Softer than a balloon! This neck brace is super comfortable

Easy Remote

Easy access to all our features using our special remote

Safety Guaranteed

These products are made very well and they will not leak or have any safety issues during shipping

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