Drizzle Box - Shower Phone Holder & Mount

The Drizzle Box is the perfect shower companion as it lets you watch, browse, text, listen and call while you shower.  It's the perfect shower proof phone holder that will give you plenty of entertainment while you're taking a bath or rinsing off.

  • Shower proof

  • Reusable sticky mount to most surfaces

  • Touch sensitive screen protector

  • Supports most phone sizes

  • 60 degree open lock

  • Ample protection & padding inside case

  • Multiple orientation support (landscape/portrait)

  • Award Winning design

Shower Proof

Supports All Phones

Beautiful Design

Reusable Sticky Mount

Need to upgrade your shower entertainment?

No problem! The Drizzle Box is the perfect compliment to your shower as it adds the ability to listen, talk, watch and text while you shower.  It's a simple shower proof case that sticks on your wall and allows you to use your phone in anyway you want while you shower.  It's really handy for answering calls, watching videos, and listening to music.

  • Refined and stereoscopic number design

  • Never miss a minute of your favorite show

  • Hang on almost any surface in portrait or landscape

  • Protective touch sensitive screen protector

Works Perfectly in Your Shower

The Drizzle Box works great in your shower because it protects against water and makes it actually usable in the shower.  Most of our phones are waterproof by now, but it's extremely hard to use when water is all over the touch screen.  This helps you use it flawlessly without having to dry your hands to use the touch screen.

  • Touch sensitive screen protector

  • Reusable sticky mount, perfect for most surfaces 

  • Use in any orientation you desire

60 Degree Open Lock

The Drizzle Box opens only 60 degrees to prevent it from opening up all the way so its easy to slip your phone in and out.  Having this 60 degree opening prevents unwanted water from dripping in and makes it much easier to use.

Punch-free Wall Hanging

You do not need to drill any holes for the Drizzle Box. You can easily stick on two convenient hooks that allow you to slide on the case.  This allows you to easily remove it from the wall when you need to.

  • Easy to hang

  • Works on most surfaces

  • Removeable

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Drizzle Box

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  • Drizzle Box x1

  • Sticky Mount x1

  • Does not include USB Power Adapter

Drizzle Box

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  • Drizzle Box x3

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Drizzle Box

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  • Drizzle Box x2

  • Sticky Mount x2

  • Does not include USB Power Adapter

Shower Proof

Protects your phone and makes it usable in the shower

Built to last

Strong material makes this stand last a long time.

Beautiful Design

Unique and beautiful design that will turn any room into an elegant, yet futuristic space.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Shayna Bahringer

It looks great

Sean Hilpert

Identical to the photo

Keira Larson

Drizzle Box - Shower Phone Holder & Mount

Nelson D'Amore

Looks good.

Maurice Mante

Drizzle Box - Shower Phone Holder & Mount

Vince Hills

It is amazing and it delivered so fast

Kian Herzog

Love mine

Liza Effertz

Great. Touch screen works perfect. I have a very happy husband :D After using it for a while now - few weeks I can tell that I am very happy with it We have it on the wall in the walk in shower and it works perfect. No water in easy to use touchscreen It locks really well so to open it when phone in (with case on) needs a bit of lifting at the snap place but it is not an issue - better that than have it wonky and let water in In conclusion Well worth to buy If ther would be a size for an iPad I would for sure got one

Emmitt Turcotte

Arrived straight undamaged. Come with adhesive put on the wall that fit the device. The transparent part is not glass is a acrylic type malleable and allows trigger cell screen with touch.

Lucio Schamberger

Love this mount! works great in the shower