Onyx - Premium Clear iPhone Case
Onyx - Premium Clear iPhone Case
Onyx - Premium Clear iPhone Case
Onyx - Premium Clear iPhone Case
Onyx - Premium Clear iPhone Case
Onyx - Premium Clear iPhone Case
Onyx - Premium Clear iPhone Case
Onyx - Premium Clear iPhone Case
Onyx - Premium Clear iPhone Case
Onyx - Premium Clear iPhone Case

Onyx - Premium Clear iPhone Case

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🏆 #1 Aesthetically Pleasing Case of 2019 

The Onyx Premium Clear iPhone Case will have you turning heads everywhere with how clean the look is.  We love Apple's design on the iPhone and we think it should show.  That's why we developed this case to have a clear backing and just some small high quality color accents on it.

The case is extremely sturdy and durable.  It looks absolutely stunning in person and really shows off iPhone's back. 

The material for this case is advanced

The material used in this case is the highest quality TPU clear soft material which means it protects your phone but also feels amazing in your hand.  It's a non-slip technology that reduces impact on your phone if accidentally dropped.

It's flexible so it can handle heat settings and other weather deterrents.  It's the perfect all-around case that upgrades the look while also the protection.

Wireless Charging is Our Future

We all know how nice wireless charging can be so we took that into account when designing this case.  We made sure its fully compatible with all wireless charging devices. 

Full Protection, Not Just the Phone Body

We were able to add a 0.33mm raise on the camera giving it proper protection from drops and other incidental damages.  It's fully scratch resistant.

It also has independent buttons that lay over your phone's making it anti-dust, anti-wear and way more durable.  These can fully protect your buttons from any harm.

Award Winning Design

Our design is so sleek and simple most of our customers have absolutely loved this phone case.  We've taken it to shows and have gotten much praise for the simplicity and high quality feel of the design.

The Onyx phone case was a top rated design of 2019 and it continues to be one of our best sellers.


  • High-quality TPU clear soft material
  • Independent button covers for anti-dust, anti-wear protection
  • 0.3mm camera protection bumper
  • Strong design and casing
  • Thin and bare-skin technology to make case extra sleek

Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Aesthetically pleasing, but not aesthetically made to last.

The case is great. One of the best cases I’ve had in awhile and to top it all off, it’s so slick while being protective. I’ve only had this phone case for about a month and the paint is chipping off and now it’s less than aesthetically pleasing.

Great case !

Great case. I got this for when I go out on the town. Along with my Otterbox to really protect my phone

Perfectly Sleek and Stylish

This case is perfect for anyone looking for a seamlessly streamlined and classy look. The case fits perfectly on the phone and the detailing adds a pop of color in all the right places without being too brash. It’s subtle minimalist with just the right “pow”. I love it!!




worked with iPhone 7 great!


Good,i like


The phone case is crystal clear, the size fits perfectly and is very firm


Logistics is also very fast, customer service attitude is also very good,


The size and the phone are fit well, the hole pairs are also very delicate, no gaps, fast arrival, I like it very much


Very good looking, the shell will not leave fingerprints. The quality is very good, feels comfortable, and can be protected before and after.