OZiO Portable Vacuum Cleaner
OZiO Portable Vacuum Cleaner
OZiO Portable Vacuum Cleaner
OZiO Portable Vacuum Cleaner
OZiO Portable Vacuum Cleaner

OZiO Portable Vacuum Cleaner

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OZiO is one of the world's smallest portable vacuum that has incredible power.  It'll keep your car spotless while also staying hidden.  It's the perfect addition to your car so you don't have to go to a car wash or gas station to use a vacuum.

  • Strong Suction at 4000 Pa
  • Powerful Airflow at 120AW
  • Rechargeable Battery 4000mah
  • 2 Extra Diverse Attachments for different surfaces
  • Retractable Handle for ease of use
  • Reusable Filter for use over and over again

Strong & Efficient Power

OZiO boasts a powerful 4000Pa (Pascals) which is extremely powerful for a vacuum of its size and clearly beats the competition. You'll be surprised at how strong the suction actually is.  On top of that it has effective airflow measured at 120AW (Air Watts) that provides a fully efficient throughput.  

  • Strong 4000Pa suction that can lift most debris
  • Powerful airflow at 120AW
  • Will be able to pick up almost any dust or debris!


Rechargeable & Long-Lasting Battery Life

OZiO is meant to be portable and meant to live in your car.  That's why we've built it with a large, rechargeable and long-lasting battery.

It connects using a USB connector and can be powered by any adapter in your car or at home (charging time may vary based on adapter).  This device has a strong 4000mah battery.


Vacuum All Surfaces with Ease

This portable vacuum comes with two extra head attachments to make cleaning a breeze.  The two attachments can be used or the head without an attachment can also be used.

Each head serves a purpose that allows you to clean much easier.  The extension wand is great for hard to reach places while the dusting brush is great for unique surfaces.

  • 1x Extension Wand
  • 1x Dusting Brush
  • 1x Protection Cap

OZiO was Built for Utility

OZiO was built for long lasting utility. It has a built in retractable handle and overhead light that makes it easy for you to navigate and hold the OZiO while vacuuming. It also has a reusable filter that will allow you to use this over and over again.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Janice Kim
Nice build quality

Love the reusable filter, it really makes this thing great because you can use this over and over again. I just runt he filter under water and it's good to go!

Tia Heather
Just got mine

Works great and really does a good job of cleaning. Portable vacuums are definitely a life saver for your car

Brent Seddlemeyer
This thing is awesome

Love this vacuum. The head attachments are great and are really useful. All in all a great buy

Tamara Levy
Great device

This thing works great. Long lasting battery and really does pick up a lot of stuff.

Thatcher Nguyen
Overall good

Things are good, as described in detail, high power, powerful, easy to use, many places in the car that are not easy to clean, such as the grooves of the windshield can be easily cleaned, the husband is very satisfied.

Love the OZiO

Overall evaluation: The product was received today, the overall impression is bright, very good, and the customer service is also very positive

Henry Spencer

This little vacuum is super nifty for your car. Love this thing, any sort of accident can be easily handled with this