Tentacle Phone Holder - Suction Cup Arm for Your Cell
Tentacle Phone Holder - Suction Cup Arm for Your Cell
Tentacle Phone Holder - Suction Cup Arm for Your Cell
Tentacle Phone Holder - Suction Cup Arm for Your Cell
Tentacle Phone Holder - Suction Cup Arm for Your Cell
Tentacle Phone Holder - Suction Cup Arm for Your Cell
Tentacle Phone Holder - Suction Cup Arm for Your Cell

Tentacle Phone Holder - Suction Cup Arm for Your Cell

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🏆 #1 Rated Phone Holder of 2019

The Tentacle Phone Holder is perfect for people who need an extra hand when it comes to using their mobile phone.  It has a sturdy, yet flexible arm that allows you to prop up your phone in many unique positions.  The suction cups allow it to stick anywhere and giving you a wide range of functionality.

We've designed it to look just like an octopus arm.  Some people call it a caterpillar or worm which also have a very fitting description.  Nonetheless, it's a cute and friendly design that works for all ages and genders.

It's Flexible, yet Strong

The arm is built strong enough to hold your phone and hold it's shape, but it also lets you bend it in all kinds of ways.  You should still be able to get the maximum flexibility out of it, but maintain a strong firm stance.

It's even strong enough to support itself as a selfie-stick which is very unique because most phone holders can not be used as a selfie-stick.  It could be great to use on-the-go or while traveling

The Tentacle Phone Holder has strong suction cups

Unlike other phone holders, the Tentacle Phone Holder is adhesive-free.  You can stick as many times as you want.  These suction cups allow for advanced positions and setups that will maximize your mobile phone experience.

The Phone Holder Supports All Phones

The phone holder itself is compatible with pretty much all phones.  It's a universal clip mount that will fit nicely with your mobile device.

It also has a strong and firm grip so your phone will not accidentally fall out.  Simply pull up the lever and insert your phone.  It should also work with most standard sized phone cases.

The Perfect Companion On-TheGo

This holder is great for traveling and on-the-go situations as it can easily be transported and easily used while you are out and about.  You've seen that it can be scrunched up into a tennis ball size, so you should have some ideas of where you can store it.

You can shape it in whatever way fits your needs.  One of the most common places to put it is in your bag and sometimes folding it flat is necessary.


  • Stiff and flexible arm that's practical for holding up a phone
  • Strong suction cups that stick on to almost anything
  • Sturdy phone holder that fits almost any size phone
  • Comfortable grip and soft touch
  • Provides hours of entertainment on your phone

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Got black because it was a little more manly lol. It works real good and feels super sturdy. Love it because it can be used for so many different things.

Great device

This thing is awesome. High quality feel and definitely sticks to just about anything. A little bit weaker on tile, but there isn't many tile applications for me.

Perfect for traveling

This caterpillar sucker is quite powerful. You don't have to worry about it suddenly falling down, haha, it is very practical. This caterpillar is very good, the shape is also good-looking, the bracket is relatively firm, and it is convenient to watch TV! Super cute caterpillar shape, the children LOVE IT. It''s so good and compact while a travel to and from china


The design is innovative. The style is very good, the color is fresh. It can be attached to the shelf and some objects that can stabilize the bracket. It can also be adsorbed on some smooth ground and table. The stability is very strong. The material is soft and wearable. It completely replaces the traditional phone holders.

Awesome phone holder

Haha, quite creative, This bracket is easy to use, any setting it can be used. usually can be attached to the desktop and the wall, as long as it is a relatively smooth desktop ground. It can be wrapped around some chairs or stable poles. It is really suitable for lazy people. You can watch TV. It is very convenient. The adsorption is very strong, very stable, and the phone is heavy and stable. The stability of the bracket clip is good.

Works really well

I use it in bed all the time and it really lets me watch hours of Netflix LOL.


Arrived fast. Love it.

Pretty good overall

product quality is very secure, and the workmanship is top quality.